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The Definitive Guide to Preventing Party Disasters

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Around the world, short-term rental properties are facing increasing restrictions as a result of poor behaviour from guests. Without proper processes in place, operators are exposed to fraudulent bookings, criminal activity, property damage, and most notably: parties

Often considered the number one pain point in the short-term rental industry, parties can be a huge financial setback for a property management business. Worse yet, they draw negative attention to “Airbnbs”, giving the industry as a whole a bad name.

Rising risk to property managers 

"COVID parties" are a real threat, popping up more and more as people get tired of self-isolation. In the last 12 months alone, the U.S. has seen a number of high-profile short-term rental disasters. For example: the shooting at a party in Orinda, CA, a 700-person party in New Jersey during the pandemic, and a high-profile party house full of TikTok celebrities flaunting lockdown rules in LA.

As a result of these types of incidents, property managers face both revenue and reputation loss. Without preventative action, more significant ramifications will likely follow, including:

  • Stricter legislation

  • Stronger formal and informal enforcement 

  • And increased taxes and fees

Party Prevention Game Plan

Rather than relying on OTA protection, property managers need to take matters into their own hands and develop a proactive security process. To do this, Autohost and Party Squasher have come up with a winning formula: guest screening + careful monitoring.

In our latest webinar with Party Squasher, we discussed how to protect your short-term rental properties in 2021. Check it out for some helpful tips. It's
 a great precursor to our conjoint white paper, the Definitive Guide to Preventing Party Disasters, which you can download below.

The Definitive Guide to Preventing Party Disasters 

Download our Definitive Guide to Preventing Party Disasters by filling out this form. We cover the winning formula for party prevention: guest screening + careful monitoring, and the steps involved in each. With the right security measures in place, you can safeguard your properties against parties and keep more money in your pocket. Find out how:


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