Guest Behavior is a Key Part of the Lux Hospitality Equation

Guest Behavior is a Key Part of the Lux Hospitality Equation"Luxury travelers often deconstruct what goes into the makings of great hospitality. It’s also necessary, however, to ask what is required of guests so that they hold up their end of the bargain. It’s a two-way street, and all too often we ignore one side of the equation." 


This column spends a lot of time decoding the dark magic that goes into creating memorable hospitality experiences. Most of the time, the job is very hard, with consumer expectations in luxury escalating every year. A great experience one time quickly turns into the assumed standard. When thinking about what goes into good hospitality, however, a lot of things are also required of guests to create the perfect experience. After witnessing some ghastly behavior recently, I’ve outlined a few ideas should you find yourself on the receiving end of hospitality and service. Read more...


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