Airbnb now offers exorbitantly expensive home rentals as part of new luxury push

Airbnb now offers exorbitantly expensive home rentals

"Airbnb is expanding its rental options today to include some of the priciest and most luxurious accommodations on the planet. The new tier, called Airbnb Luxe, is designed for customers interested in spending more than $1,000 a night on thoughtfully designed, massive private homes with scenic views and top-of-the-line amenities.

“Airbnb Luxe is built on the deep expertise in luxury travel Airbnb gained from its acquisition of Luxury Retreats in 2017. This new tier launches with more than 2,000 handpicked homes around the world, each one passing strict evaluation across 300-plus criteria to meet standards in both design and function,” reads the company’s blog post on the announcement. Airbnb says the homes must have “elevated design standards,” including incorporating the use of “premium materials & finishes and rare & unique features.” The homes will also need to have “chef-grade appliances” and plentiful bathrooms to satisfy every bedroom.


Luxe is part of Airbnb’s broader transformation into a full-service hotel and travel platform, a far cry from its couch-surfing beginnings as part of the out-of-style sharing economy that gave birth to ride-hailing services and scores of other untested startup ideas. Airbnb will still let you rent a tiny bedroom in someone’s home pretty much anywhere on Earth. But it wants to have a full range of offerings to compete with websites like Expedia and hotel and travel agencies worldwide. It now owns last-minute hotel booking site HotelTonight, and last year it brought bed-and-breakfasts and boutique hotels onto the platform as part of its Airbnb Plus tier, which introduced hotel-like standardization for higher-end listings." Read more...


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