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Hiring a Rockstar Virtual Assistant (Step by Step Guide)

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In the short-term rental industry, hiring a virtual assistant can be incredibly valuable. With an assistant taking over some of your workload, you'll be able to focus more of your attention on company growth. But how do you guarantee a quality hire? Lead generation expert Michael McKay takes us through a step-by-step guide: 

"I hired my first virtual assistant 7 years ago…it was an absolute disaster. I went through a company in India that I found in an online forum for 20 hours per week at $1.75 an hour. That should have been my first clue that something wasn’t right; how could this company provide good service for such a low rate? If the owner was making $1.75 per hour (minus Paypal fees), how much was he paying his employees? How could they afford fast Internet and computers?

The first task I had them work on was relatively simple: creating an excel spreadsheet of data from résumés. 2 weeks later, only 152 lines had been created in the sheet after “40 hours of work”. I set up a Skype call with the owner of the company to let him know I wasn’t happy, but I could barely hear him on the other end. His Internet connection was so bad and had such a long delay that I felt like a World War I radio operator."

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