How to Train Your Team on Autohost

Congratulations! You now have the power of Autohost at your fingertips. As your dedicated screening assistant, Autohost will be there for you whenever a new reservation comes in, keeping your properties safe and allowing you to focus on excellent customer service.


To understand how you and your team can best optimize Autohost, we’ve created this easy-to-use guide. Train your team so everyone knows what to expect.


What is Autohost?

Autohost is a non-invasive solution for property owners everywhere. As property managers ourselves—with more than 50K check-ins under our belt—we’re experts in the short-term rental industry. But one of the major issues we encountered was sorting the good guests from the bad. With an influx of bookings, our employees were spending 80% of their time screening guests and reiterating house rules—and this still didn’t guarantee we were protected against parties and damage. Instead, we were forced to increase our booking restrictions, causing us to lose reservations.  


That’s why we created Autohost, a systematic way of screening guests and eliminating the possibility of accidents occurring in our properties. Using our proprietary algorithm and analyzing hundreds of different parameters, Autohost evaluates the risk level of guest reservations, so you can say goodbye to bad guests.


What you can expect 

Once a guest books your property through a booking channel, they must go through our Guest Verification Portal, which is built on top of our risk assessment engine. The portal prompts guests through a dynamic set of screens that collect different types of information based on their risk level.


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