How to Sign Up and Get Started with Autohost

Welcome to Autohost. By partnering with us, you’ve taken the first steps towards protecting your properties and your business against bad guests. Now, we just have to set up your account. So, let’s get started: 


1. Pull up our homepage at Once there, feel free to browse through our Features, Pricing and About pages to get a better understanding of how Autohost works and what we offer.

2. When you’re ready, click “Integrations” on the drop-down menu under the “Get Started” tab at the top of the page. This will bring you to a list of our property management software (PMS) providers—we support all the major providers and are adding new ones everyday.

 3. Once you’ve found your software and integration provider, click on its logo to continue. If you are unable to find your provider, click the “I’m using a different software that isn’t listed here” button. You will be prompted to provide us with additional information so we can help set up your Autohost account.

4. After clicking on your provider, you will be asked to confirm your choice. You will then be prompted to enter your API token or credentials. Consult your PMS provider for where to access the relevant credentials.


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