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Eliminate incidents: The security measures you need to protect your vacation rental business

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Part two: How to safeguard your properties after your guest has checked in

Protecting your business is always a priority, and when you work in the vacation-rental industry, you need safeguards from booking to checkout. Before accepting any reservation, assess its risk level with guest screening. Check out part one of our blog series to learn more about guest screening, its process, benefits, and how to automate the process. 

While guest screening is effective at flagging and mitigating risky reservations, it’s harder to predict intent. That’s why you need a way to monitor your properties once the guest checks in.  

Proper guest screening should flag warning signs, but every once in a while incidents like parties and overcrowding can slip through. This is a property manager’s worst nightmare. Parties are magnets for illegal activity and costly damages. Plus you have to deal with other issues, like streets crowded with cars and angry neighbors. That’s why you need security measures in place for each step of the stay.

Safeguarding against incidents during the stay

Even with the best guest screening system, guests’ intentions will remain unpredictable. The guest may look good on paper, but what if they invite a friend over and that friend invites other people? Suddenly their stay has snowballed into a party. This is when during-the-stay safeguards are necessary.

Insure your business

An insurance carrier specializing in short-term rentals is imperative in protecting your business from damages and income loss. Having insurance makes sure you’re not left paying out of pocket for any damages caused by parties and ill-intentioned guests. And make sure the plan you choose covers all liabilities, so that you don’t end up being sued by a party-goer injured at your property—even though they weren’t a registered guest. Carriers like Proper Insurance and Property Protect offer discounts on your policies when you have intelligent monitoring at the property.  

Monitor your property

To be worry-free with every reservation, you need access to monitoring devices in your properties at all times. These devices can include noise sensors, cameras and people counters. Party Squasher uses technology to capture the signals sent by devices connecting to a WiFi network.

This type of technology lets you monitor how many people are in your property and whether it exceeds the number of registered guests. If it does, you can send the guest a message to see what’s up and remind them of your rules, putting a stop to any potential parties before they happen. When choosing a monitoring device, make sure you’re partnering with a company like Party Squasher that prioritizes privacy and creates tamper-proof hardware.

Implementing a proper security process

In an ideal world, property managers would only need to focus on offering the perfect guest experience, but in reality, parties and other problems are a serious threat. If you’re not prepared for them, the damages and revenue loss can be catastrophic. By screening your guests pre check-in, monitoring your properties during the stay and ensuring any damages and liabilities are covered by insurance, you can start accepting reservations stress-free.

This blog was written by Party Squasher, a technology company that uses property monitoring devices to create a a party-free environment in the short-term rental industry.