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Does Airbnb Do Background Checks?

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On average, Airbnb hosts over 2 million guests per night spread across 191 countries and regions, 100,000 cities, and 6 million listings. With so many guests cycling through short-term rentals, hosts are facing increased risks to their properties and operations. The more you rent out your space, the more likely you are to come across ill-intentioned guests. 

Everyday, hosts place their faith in Airbnb, trusting that the platform will adequately screen their guests. But in reality, Airbnb has few processes in place to do so.

Risky guests, though sometimes easy to identify, often slip through the cracks. They come in all forms, from the stereotypical criminal with stolen credit cards and traceable records to the high school student booking your property for a prom afterparty. Some of the guests may appear reputable on paper, like the latter, but can still cause issues including property damage, noise complaints, and even theft.

When it comes to screening, Airbnb, according to its website, only performs background checks on United States-based guests and hosts. These background checks are performed by combing through public state databases and county criminal records, as well as state and national sex offender registries for criminal convictions and sex offender registrations.

Little to no screening measures are put in place for guests booking from outside the U.S. Globally, Airbnb runs guests and hosts’ names against regulatory, terrorist, and sanctions watchlists but says, “We may not run background checks on users located outside the United States, and even if we do, the scope and accuracy of coverage may vary.”

Find out about Airbnb's new policyThe website goes on to state that the platform is only able to perform background checks on guests and hosts who provide accurate first and last names, plus date of birth—leaving a huge margin for error.

The kind of rigorous background checks short-term rental companies like Airbnb should be performing involve different types of information searches, including verifying a guest’s identity, their credit card information, and even credit scores, bank statements, and criminal record checks.

But Airbnb’s background checks do little to protect hosts from fraud. While the platform uses predictive analytics and machine learning to flag suspicious activity, it has few processes in place to confirm whether the personal information provided by a guest is accurate. Identity fraud is a massive problem in the short-term rental industry, but guests using a stolen ID won’t be flagged by Airbnb’s system. The platform also only performs its version of a background check on the person who books the property. Extra guests are not screened.

Additionally, these background checks are typically performed once when the guest first signs up for Airbnb. This means that the company doesn’t continually monitor each guest’s activity. If a guest is criminally charged after signing up, hosts won’t be notified.

While a robust background check would protect you against ill-intentioned guests, the process isn’t realistic. It’s expensive and time consuming to look into every guest’s credit score, employment history, and bank statements—not to mention it requires consent from the guest. The fast-paced nature of the short-term rental industry won’t allow it, and even if it did, how do you flag for potential parties and property damage?

To learn how to thoroughly screen each guest and protect yourself against these risks, check out our Ultimate Guide to Guest Screening blog.

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