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Airbnb's NYE party crackdown: What it means for your business

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Airbnb is back with another plan to crack down on parties this New Year’s Eve. According to the OTA, its automated defenses were effective against approximately 243,000 guests globally during booking attempts ahead of NYE 2020. If each of these booking attempts represents a potential party, that’s a huge number.

While initiatives to protect properties and neighborhoods from troublesome reservations is necessary, your business may still be at risk. Unfortunately, Airbnb’s policy can’t always predict a guest’s intentions. If someone wants to throw a party, they’ll find cracks in the policy to slip through. 

Let’s break this policy down:

  • Airbnb’s policy only prohibits guests without a history of positive reviews from making one-night reservations in entire home listings.
  • As for two-night reservations, Airbnb is keeping an eye on certain local and last-minute bookings by guests without a history of positive reviews.
  • Airbnb’s policy only applies to Airbnb reservations, not other OTAs.

So, what does this mean for property managers?

This crackdown will most likely impact new users or obvious high-risk reservations. Sure, the guest who trashed your rental last year won’t be able to make a reservation (assuming you left a negative review on their profile), but their friend can. To skirt the policy, last year’s party thrower can either book your property for multiple days and split the costs with other partygoers or book through another OTA.

Even with positive reviews, you can’t predict a guest’s intent with 100% certainty. Just because a guest booked previously for a family vacation, doesn’t mean they’re incapable of throwing a party the next time they book your property. 

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What does this mean for guests?

Because of its reliance on Airbnb’s review system, the policy also opens the door for discrimination. 

Airbnb is no stranger to charges of racism against its hosts. Despite its best efforts to fight racism, hate and discrimination, racialized guests might be subject to negative reviews at a higher rate than white guests, making it more difficult for them to book a property through Airbnb around the holidays.

The bottom line

No OTA can filter out every party. That’s why it’s the responsibility of the operator to screen their guests before check-in. Implementing preventative measures can reduce the risk you face during the holidays. 

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